Studio 3 Postmortem – Slime Herder

A reflection on the performance of Team Slime Herder in relation to our production practices and integration of industry topics and issues into our work practices.   Task management and tracking. On a weekly basis several tasks would be set and required to be completed in order to meet brief milestones and deadlines. Many of […]

gestalt theory and a 2D story game

Gestalt is a psychology term which means “unified whole”. It refers to theories of visual perception developed by German psychologists in the 1920s. These theories attempt to describe how people tend to organize visual elements into groups or unified wholes when certain principles are applied Our most recent project was a narrative based game in […]

CIU211.2 Creative Project

Link to Gdrive Folder Subculture: A game of Resistance,  is a card game created to simulate how sub-cultural styles and artifacts become assimilated into mainstream culture over time. Players collect various style cards that represent an artifact from a particular subculture to differentiate themselves from the mainstream cards that are in the center of  the […]

testing… 1, 2, 4 testing.

So a second round of play testing was run for our Brief 2 project. By this time the games design, premise and aesthetic had completely changed as the original concept didn’t seem like it was gong to meet the requirements. After this tear down  process we were a little behind and for this session had […]

moar pixels pls

This last week has been a extremely challenging due to illness as well as deciding to entirely redesign the game for our current brief half way through the schedule. However Harry and I are much happier and more confident that we can meet the design goals set by our brief. However during downtime while repositories […]

breathe – a postmortem

The Good   Paper Drafting Most of the systems, code and design in Breathe was drafted or sketched out on paper prior to implementation in Unity Engine. By outlining the desired goals and then drafting how the breathing system or level design would function enabled helped clarify the steps required to complete each task and […]

Press Space to Drink

Drink is a 2 week project based around the concept of conveying perspective and narrative through a games mechanics rather than just via text and dialogue. The context of the game takes on a deeply personal topic and explores the effects of alcoholism. I’m truly grateful that this game was made and aim to break […]

games as art

A heavy focus this trimester is on designing games beyond the mechanics. Going further into how an idea, point of view or emotion can be portrayed, especially through mechanics. Rather than feeding dialogue or cut scenes a player can also absorb narrative through the actions required to play. Some games that attempt this feat are […]