moar pixels pls

This last week has been a extremely challenging due to illness as well as deciding to entirely redesign the game for our current brief half way through the schedule. However Harry and I are much happier and more confident that we can meet the design goals set by our brief.

However during downtime while repositories push and internet connections cease to function I found myself creating some 8-bit style avatars in the likeness of some of our beloved facilitators to be used as emoji’s in our uni slack.

Kawaii Adrian

Capturing a persons likeness in such a low resolution is a great communication exercise in that you need to portray the key elements of the subject whilst maintaining low detail. One must be able to understand what the key components are of the subject  and how a user might perceive the image even if one pixel were to be changed.

Each emoji I created went through several variations and tweaking until I found proportions that I was happy with. I also created some extra emotive versions of  the more recent faces I re-created (Adrian and Brendan).


Adrian. Some say he is more beard than man.


On request a few versions of Brendan Keogh. In person I can’t imagine him ever being that angry, so I exaggerated the rage face a little to compensate.



For good measure here’s Tony and Steve, the originals I made for a week 1 game in studio 1 last year. It’s a pity the art was better than the game itself.



If your curious I used a free online tool to create these pieces of art, It’s very simple in its functionality but is free and easily accessible if on the move.






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