Whale singalongs: Audio creation

The brief for our current project, Podlife, restricted all audio assets in that they could only be created from the human voice. This presented an interesting challenge as the design was heavily reliant on audio, specifically convincing whale songs for the player to mimic.     The main reference for the audio were tracks of […]

Light cookies revisited

To create an underwater scene I had previously looked at using light cookies to simulate water caustics. The effect was successful but after some tinkering I’ve managed to improve on the overall effect immensely by recreating the textures and using multiple animations. The single texture I originally used was created with diffused cloud and carious filtering effects […]

Profound Games: Jason Rohrer

Jason Rohrer is an independent game developer creating low tech games that he releases into the public domain. The Game Worlds of Jason Rohrer is an upcoming exhibition of his works scheduled for early 2016. I’ve recently played several of his games including Passage and Gravitation to try and gain some insight to their significance and […]

Revision: linking classes in c#

We recently ran a workshop in class to share our knowledge across various hard skills. A few of the programmers  watch over my shoulder and helped me to set up a few links between scripts to trigger some animations and particle effects on a common event in our current project. Using Unity makes it pretty […]

focus: career and development

I tend to make a habit of focusing hard on my short term goals in an effort to defeat procrastination and other bad habits but occasionally lose sight of the end game and where I’m trying to get myself through all this hard work. Losing focus can be worse than laziness so I intend this […]

My first model – Jellyfish!

After learning a few basics of 3ds max I attempted to start modelling a simple jellyfish for our current game to add a little more life to our aquatic scene. The inspiration for the model is something akin to the jellies from Spongebob Squarepants. Stylized and simple. With a little supervision I started with the the […]

Learning the basics – 3ds MAX

In an attempt to create some placeholder art and develop my hard skills I received some teachings from my colleague Dineth and dived into the abyss that is 3ds Max and learned how to use the basic tools for 3D modelling. The first that hit me in face was the daunting plethora of buttons and […]

PAX Rising – Indie Exhibitions

This year I was able to attend PAX Aus in Melbourne. I attended several panels and got to play some of the big new releases, however I found myself spending a large portion of my time returning to the PAX Rising booths, PAX’s designated exhibition of up and coming Indie games and projects. Besides finding […]