CIU211.2 Creative Project

Link to Gdrive Folder

Subculture: A game of Resistance,  is a card game created to simulate how sub-cultural styles and artifacts become assimilated into mainstream culture over time. Players collect various style cards that represent an artifact from a particular subculture to differentiate themselves from the mainstream cards that are in the center of  the table. Players are able to use Influence cards during their turn to  steal, move and trade cards with other players to mimic how subcultures can interact and adopt nuances from each other. The game resolves when a player is assimilated into the mainstream which becomes inevitable as the game progresses. Trying to keep the game simple enough for those unfamiliar with card games whilst maintaining depth in game play, was at the core of this games design.



Shane, Games Programmer
A programmer with a strong technical background, and a focus on complex systems. Shane has contributed design iteration and has been an assets in identifying out-lier design issues whilst being a workhorse during prototype construction and digital card creation and assembly.

Toby, Games Designer
A designer with an affinity for aesthetics and player experience.
Toby has contributed to the core design iterations through out all team discussions as well as providing the extra card content based on research into the chosen topic. He has also been a large part of the digital versions of the style cards, refining, editing and sourcing the visual assets used to create the prototypes.

Ash, Games Designer
Ashley is a designer with a strong focus on player interactions and balanced play. He has contributed to the initial concept as well as the development of the card visual design. The influence cards balance and effect design have also been a core focus, as well as the construction of the additional documentation such as the rule-books and card lists.

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